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Anchor Agitator...
B A Engineering manufactures and supplies Anchor Type Agitators in accordance with the needs of the process. This range has a number of equipments like the normal gate type anchor, semi-anchor and anchor with cross-members depending on a variety of factors of reaction like viscosity, reaction zone and percentage of solid. The sweep diameter of the anchor is carefully designed to ensure better yield and bonding of reactants and to reduce the load on the motor.
The Agitator Assembly is provided with intermediate rigid coupling to make sure that fitting and dismantling in welding dishends can be easily achieved. We offer Bolted type Agitator Assembly so that the agitator can be shifted as per the batch size.
Blades directly attached to hub or blades attached to a centre disc, use of two agitators if height of tank is larger. Agitators have variety of shapes. They are capable of creating a vaigorous mixing action, due to centrifugal and rotational motion.
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